How will your life look after Coronavirus Lockdown is Lifted?

Recent reports suggest that a very small percentage of people actually want to turn back to their old life before coronavirus lockdown.

This pandemic has changed people’s lives in significant ways. Habits of a lifetime have vanished and new ones developed. Working from home is one of the most significant changes facing many people. Some have welcomed it, others miss their separate work place, their colleagues, clients and workmates. Connecting with others face to face is important for our health and wellbeing as the oxytocin hormone we produce when we are in close proximity to someone has a vital feelgood factor.

How will your life look after Coronavirus Lockdown is Lifted?
Working from home is one of the most significant changes

However the actual problems we had in some parts of the country -travelling to work and commuting – have been horrendously difficult and time consuming for many years for lots of people. So maybe now, that two hours a day commuting can be used for other, more productive, outlets such as exercising, spending time with your loved ones or preparing foods from scratch – all of which is so much healthier.

The coronavirus lockdown has affected people in very different ways. If you’re a keyworker, then you’ve probably worked harder than ever and have put your lives in danger daily looking after the vulnerable and sick.

Hopefully we will all now totally appreciate the value of those who care and look after us. From doctors and nurses, to those in the fire service, bin men, carers, cleaners and many more on the frontline of this pandemic. These people fulfil some of the most important jobs in society and I totally believe if we want to survive and thrive in the future these key workers’ true value has to be recognised, and they MUST be paid accordingly. We were facing a total crisis in the caring community even before this deadly virus came along. Paying people a decent wage is imperative. Care is something nearly all of us will need at sometime in our lives.

There has been however a most wonderful sense of community and caring – from the NHS volunteers to neighbours helping out the elderly and vulnerable, by doing shopping or calling them daily just for a chat. There have been just so many wonderful random acts of kindness. Let’s hope this carries on after the lockdown.

Captain Tom Moore

The British people are a resilient, kind and generous bunch. Look how Captain Tom Moore has been supported on his walk for the NHS – just unbelievable generous fundraising for our wonderful NHS workers. Listening to Tom talk to Michael Ball was wonderful. Michael asked Tom what made him happy? “Newborn babies coming into the world, they make me happy – they are our future!” Just a wonderful kind and sensitive man.

Talking about newborn babies. whatever your political persuasion, what wonderful news for our Prime Minister and his partner Carrie Symonds on the birth of their baby boy! Who would have predicted any of this happening a year ago? CONGRATULATIONS Boris & Carrie. Great news.

Well I’m proud to be British. We’re not perfect but by goodness we pull together in a crisis.

Take this time to consider the positive things you have in your life and think about how you want to live your life going forward. I suspect for many there will be significant changes. Some by choice, others imposed upon us. I’m sure though life won’t ever be quite the same again for any of us!

Have a good day and remember #staysafe #stayathome #we’reinthistogether

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