Grace’s Top Product Recommendations: January 2021

Here are six more top products that we have come across recently that you might like. All of them tailored to 50+ women – to boost your immune system, save time, hold in your wobbly bits, do your bit for the environment, keep your tootsies warm and save you some dosh…

Raw honey… supercharged

Check out a website called Just Bee Honey. Each teaspoon of their lipsmacking raw honey contains 25% of your recommended daily allowance of vitamin C, B6, B12 and echinacea – all of which help support your immune system. And very handy teamed with hot water if you feel a sniffle coming on…

The perfect body

Ha ha! Not mine for sure but I couldn’t do without my bodies from M&S. Currently on sale, they are made from a brilliant material that gently holds you in. I first raved about them five years ago and still recommend them to anyone who will listen. Black is almost sold out at time of writing but the Opaline is a great neutral colour. M&S £10. BUY NOW

Guilt-free coffee

An early espresso really sets me up for the day – am sure I’m not alone in that. But, ever since it was pointed out to me, I have felt slightly guilty that my coffee pods are not biodegradable. So I was very keen to try Halo’s eco pods – the world’s first home compostable coffee capsules.

Nespresso compatible, they are filled with the highest quality coffee, but the pods degrade in as little as 28 days. Plus, every single element of the packaging is eco-friendly. The coffee tasted just as good as my usual brand but it felt good not to be adding to the 60 billion plastic and aluminium capsules that are used each year which will take centuries to degrade. Sometimes the capsule didn’t eject properly after use, but they are easy to push through. This is because the pods are made from waste sugar cane and paper, so they expand a little on exposure to pressure, heat and moisture. But a tiny extra effort for going green. Well done Halo. MORE INFO

Bam socks

During this chilly weather I am wearing ankle socks every day. And which of the pairs in my sock drawer do I gravitate toward? The ones made from bamboo. They wash really well, never shrinking or changing shape. They are so soft (and yet strong), stay fresh all day and they never fall down. Bam make seven types of socks – so all eventualities are covered. BAM. BUY NOW

Supremely Washable Bedding

These duvets are comfortable, warm and made of superfine breathable fibres. Made with Quick Dry excellence (whatever that is!) you can bung one in your washing machine and have it cleaned, dried and back on the bed on the same day. Really handy if you don’t have spare duvets in the airing cupboard. The soft-touch integral cover stays silky-soft wash after wash, so you can snuggle down in total comfort. Four duvet sizes available, plus mattress toppers and protectors, pillows and pillow protectors. M&S. SHOP NOW

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