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We are so lucky to have the internet as there are so many new products out there that we simply would not know about if we were only able to shop locally. This is even better when we can check out the reviews for products on websites such as Trustpilot. However, nothing beats a personal recommendation from one’s friends. Grace and I are also lucky enough to be able to try out products before we recommend them on A&G.

So here are a few items that I have either tried or have been recommended by my own circle of ‘Trustpilot’ reviewers – I call them the ‘TrustFriends’.

Luxury Apple Watch straps from WsC – The Watch Strap Company


Who has an Apple watch? My husband bought me one some time ago, and there are a few things that I cannot now do without. Firstly the button that you press which makes your mobile phone bleep – invaluable to me as I am constantly losing my phone around the house (drives my kids mad). Secondly, the health app logs all my steps as my watch is with me all day. I love too that it tells me to stand up when I have been sitting for too long. But most of all, I love that you can buy different straps and ring the changes. So recently, I have found this fabulous company – WsC, that offers a vast variety of straps to fit each Apple watch size for both men and women.

If you are looking for a watch strap that will make you stand out from the crowd? Look no further than WsC. This website offers an amazing selection of straps that will take your Apple watch to the next level. Whether you’re into leather, nylon, or metal, there’s a strap for every taste and occasion. Feeling bold and daring? Check out the range of colourful and patterned straps that are sure to turn heads.

Want to keep it classic and timeless? The selection of leather straps will give your watch an elegant and sophisticated touch. And with a variety of sizes and materials available, you’re sure to find the perfect strap to match your watch and personality. They also stock the world’s most exclusive and extravagant Apple Watch Strap ever made – the WsC® Fury Silver – Diamond Edition. So why settle for a boring, ordinary strap when you can jazz up your wrist game with The Watch Strap Company? Click HERE.

Magic Small Back Support


My chiropractor recommended this back support cushion as, like many people, I suffer from lower back pain. This can be exacerbated when I travel on an aeroplane.

The Putnams Magic Small Back Support is a must-have for anyone experiencing back pain or discomfort. Its innovative design provides targeted support to the lower back, helping to alleviate pain and improve posture. Made with high-quality foam and a breathable fabric cover, it’s both comfortable and durable. It is self-inflating simply by opening the valve, the foam core automatically expands by sucking in the air. So you can adjust it until the desired size and comfort is achieved. Its small size makes it easy to take with you wherever you go, so you can get the support you need on the go. Overall, the Putnams Magic Small Back Support is a great investment for anyone looking to improve their back health and reduce discomfort. It is truly magic!

Tray with one handle

I saw this one-handle tray when I visited a friend who was temporarily using a walking stick and could only use one hand, which meant carrying drinks and plates of food was tricky.

This tray may not win any beauty contests, but its design is a true game changer. The suspended handle system allows you to carry the tray with ease, leaving your other hand free to handle other tasks. This feature is a true godsend for those who need to open and close doors or carry other objects while carrying their tray. And thanks to the overhead handle, the tray is incredibly stable, making it perfect for carrying food and drink without any spills. The easy grip offset handle is also a great touch, folding away when not in use. And with the non-slip resin mat in your choice of 4 colours, this tray is not only functional but stylish too. It’s a versatile tool that can help keep your objects upright and spill-free, making it a must-have for any household.

Get it from Granny Gets a Grip. Granny Gets a Grip is an online shop for those of any age who need a level of physical support in and around the house. It is a source of well-designed, practical products that don’t look or feel like they belong in a pound shop or a traditional care home.

Cupboard Light – Must Have Ideas


Looking for a ball that can brighten up your life? Look no further than the Bright Ball! This tennis ball-sized gadget is a true lifesaver when it comes to illuminating dark and creepy places like your garage or loft. Just toss it in and watch it light up the place like the sun. And if you’re feeling adventurous, just grab it and take it with you on your nighttime walks. With its clever magnetic stand, the Bright Ball is always ready to go, no matter where you are. I am using it in my wardrobe as it has a motion sensor but can also work in an always-on mode.

To install, it has a magnetic back, screw fixing or a 3M sticky pad. Clever 360° Adjustability For The Perfect Angle, Every Time. 200 lumens of super-bright LED light ANYWHERE you need it – with no wires and no hassle! Guaranteed for 50,000 hours!

These clever people have thought of everything – click HERE for more info.

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