Stylish women I have found on Pinterest & Instagram

I enjoy scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest and spotting stylish women over 50 nailing it with their fashion outfits. It can inspire me and help me to stop wearing the same combination of clothes each day. I know that staying slim or looking slim after forty can be complicated particularly post menopause when the pounds are harder to shift. Diets seem to be on everyone’s list right now with Boris Johnson leading the campaign for us all to get slimmer and fitter.

So I have tried to choose different shapes and sizes or if I have chosen a picture of a gorgeous, slim woman (as in picture 1) it is because I just want to show some detail of how to put an outfit together. However all the outfits could be worn on any shape or size.

I have looked for similar items available now, online, so that you can perhaps copy the look.

Accessories can really add the finishing touches to a plain outfit and transform it into something special. The picture below shows, in my opinion, a very stylish woman wearing a pair of white jeans with a navy sweater but it is the shoes, scarf and even the silver bangle that make it look so polished.

Stylish women I have found on Pinterest & Instagram

The next look I love for the nail varnish and lipstick which pull the outfit together and make the whole outfit look so ‘polished’. It is such a cool summer look. This lady has style and without spending too much she has created a modern look that can take her anywhere.

Stylish women I have found on Pinterest & Instagram
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Stylish women I have found on Pinterest & Instagram
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This lady is absolutely overflowing with energy and whilst it is a casual look I still felt she was part of the stylish women group I admire. She is wearing her workout leggings and top but has obviously finished her workout and has popped on a cover up.

These gowns are a great item to pack in your suitcase to take on holiday as they can double up as a dressing gown or can be worn over trousers and a tee-shirt.

I was recently introduced to the company From My Mother’s Garden – the prints are so gorgeous.

Inspired by my mother’s joy derived from her small garden and the often breath-taking beauty and magical quality of every living aspect of it, my partner Alistair and I set about capturing it in images. From this, I have created timeless pieces to symbolise the un-ending bond between mother and daughter.

I chose the picture below because I love the way this lady has chosen to pick out two of the colours in the dress with her shoes and lipstick. Of course we all love the fact that is is acceptable to wear trainers with everything but these khaki ones are so unusual and definitely got my vote to be part of the stylish women group.

Stylish women I have found on Pinterest & Instagram
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Have a browse of our Instagram page as you may be inspired by some of the outfits that we post there. Click HERE.

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  1. I always enjoy the info that you provide but I have 1 suggestion. Show all sizes of women modeling the clothes that you present and all ages too. Not everyone is a size 2 some are a size 24 or more. The young women growing up will think they have to be a size 2 and they make themselves sick trying to live up to that expectation . We need to see real women as models. Thanks ladies for your info.

    • I so agree. However it is difficult for us as we do not have ‘budgets for models’. We can only show clothes on both of us (both 60+ and not model sizes) which is why I chose some women from Instagram as they were/are different sizes to us. However I hope it may have inspired you to have a look on Instagram to find women that are your age and size and to see how they dress – just to give you some inspiration. Best wishes, Annabel

  2. Lovely ideas here! I’m very much into simplicity with one zingy item – usually a scarf – plus varnished nails and always lipstick, my desert island luxury! I have dozens of scarves from ebay finds to Hermes presents from my late husband and find they elevate the simplest outfits and always draw a compliment.

    Even during Homestay (my Pollyanna word for Lockdown) and living alone, on went the lippy and scarf each morning, just for me – and Ken, our postman, who would mouth, ‘Nice scarf,’ through the window!

    • That is such a lovely image – and so glad that your postman appreciates your effort. I agree scarves and nail varnish are such useful accessories to ‘uplift’ an outfit.
      Best wishes, Annabel

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