Top beauty products of 2018 tried & tested by Annabel & Grace

These top beauty products have all been tried and tested by one of us or our good friends in 2018. They have subsequently been given a place in our beauty routine as we have found that they actually do what they say they will do.


Top Beauty Products of 2018 / Hayo'u beauty restorer

I have fallen in love with the Hayo’u Method and I gave it to Grace for Christmas. Inspired by Chinese medicine, Hayo’u is a ground-breaking self-treatment method which enables you to master your health. The Beauty Restorer™, which is made from Xiuyan jade, is the product that I use. This type of jade has been used in Chinese facial massage for thousands of years and revered for its restorative, cooling properties.

This ingenious skincare technique comprises three iconic Chinese techniques: Àn fa (press-hold), Gua sha (press-stroke) and Acupressure (press-turn). Together, they deliver healthy, radiant skin after just one minute of use. It’s easy, inexpensive, combines with all existing beauty routines and is completely natural. My jawline is definitely tighter and I am sure that drawing blood to my face in a completely natural way must improve the skin and restore its health. I am now addicted to the Hayo’u method and cannot go to bed without a session. It only takes one minute and I use it once I have applied oil. Click HERE to purchase.

Top Beauty Products of 2018 / Trinny London Skin Perfector

I have tried the Trinny London range of make-up as I always think Trinny looks fabulous. She happily admits to having Botox and has even shared online a film of her having the injections. I think Trinny has wonderful skin and her make-up always looks immaculate.

I love the concept of her make-up i.e. little pots of make-up that click together… so easy to transport. However it is her Skin Perfector that I love with an added SPF 30. Trinny LondonSkin Perfector can be worn on its own. It is perfect for those days when you just do not want to wear any foundation or concealer – on dog walks or when you go to the gym. The Skin Perfector just gives you a glow and smooths out many skin perfections and it can also be worn under Trinny’s concealer. I am Light-Medium in Trinny’s Skin Perfector but do a Match-to-Me to find out what shade will suit you. Click HERE to purchase

Top Beauty Products of 2018 / Guinot Newhite UV50 Cream

Grace’s Marvellous Mother-in-law is a popular contributor to our website. We admire her so much for her style and beauty as she embraces her 70s. She introduced me to this moisturiser which I wear daily whenever on holiday. She says, “I simply cannot live without, Guinot Newhite UV50 Cream. You just apply it daily with or without moisturiser. It really does brighten your skin and, of course, offer full protection to your wrinkles!”

Top Beauty Products of 2018 / Revitalash

Another one of MMiL’s top beauty products is Revitalash. “Revitalash for eyelashes has changed my and Grace’s lives to the extent that our eyelashes have grown so much with this amazing product, we have both had to trim them! Be warned, it is expensive, but we both think it is definitely worth it for such luscious long lashes. There are cheaper versions around but Revitalash seems to be the product of choice for many of our friends.”

Top Beauty Products of 2018 / Max Factor's Mastepiece mascara

Last but not least, MMiL would like to recommend Max Factor’s Masterpiece mascara with their new high tech IFX brush which coats each lash and does not clump and at £9.99 is a really good price. It’s sad that, although I finally have eyelashes to bat, of course, at my age, nobody gives me a second look anyway!


Top Beauty Products of 2018 / Josh Wood Colour

The brilliant Josh Wood has developed an at home colour system. My favourite product is the Everything Mask (£15) as it is like a deep conditioner and on its own it locks in colour and gives my hair a lift. However if mixed with a Shade Shot £5 it adds a boost of colour to cool down your chosen blonde shade and reduce unwanted tones. It creates a semi-permanent gloss that refreshes your colour. It is like magic as the gloss is sensational and is perfect to use before a special day. Josh Wood advises that we use this Everything Mask soon after having had our hair coloured professionally as it locks in the colour. MORE INFO

Top Beauty Products of 2018 / Studio 10 Beauty Lip Perfecting Balm

Lip gloss is very much back in fashion now, and this latest triple action, hybrid formulation is both a balm treatment and gloss in one. Plumping and smoothing the lips, one sweep instantly gives a fuller appearance and peachy-gold shine, with orange undertones to warm skin tone. It particularly suited one of my girlfriends whose skin tone comes alive with a yellow and gold colour palate.

Hyaluronic Acid filing spheres absorb moisture like a sponge to plump and smooth the surface of the skin. This helps create a soft, uniform texture and boost volume. A gentle tingle gives a refreshing feel, whilst working to increase the ‘va va voom’ effect. Amino acids help stimulate the production of collagen that fortifies the skin texture and tone, giving a more refined contour to the lips long term. Vitamin E protects the lips from environmental and lifestyle damage, repairing from the inside out. Paraben Free, Vegan, Cruelty Free. £22 Click HERE to purchase

Top Beauty Products of 2018

If everyone is like us you use make-up from a wide variety of ranges so we thought it would be interesting to see if we could do a complete make-up using only one range, Look Fabulous Forever. Let’s face it it makes life much easier especially as this range is only available online so no need to have to brave those vast beauty halls with the very unflattering lighting in your local department store.

Top Beauty Products of 2018 / LOOK FABULOUS FOREVER Beauty range

Look Fabulous Forever is a cosmetics range designed by Tricia Cusden. Tricia is herself approaching 70 years. Both Grace and I are always admiring of how wonderful she looks. Naturally Tricia’s make-up is always immaculate. Because of this we thought it would be fun to try it all out. I have had a Look Fabulous Forever makeover but it was all applied by a professional make-up artist.

It was time for Grace to take off all her make-up and apply the Look Fabulous make-up. We recorded on video each stage. We have not applied it on camera as that is a skill in itself and can look quite awkward! Click HERE to view our most popular make-up video of 2018.