6 top home beauty products to pamper yourself – join me & be a JOMO

We all know lots of FOMO (fear of missing out) people who jump at the chance to go to anything, the opening of an envelope (as my OH would say). However OH and I have developed the opposite condition ~ JOMO, joy of missing out. He often says to me. “What have we got on this weekend?” and if I say, “Nothing”, he is thrilled. There is nothing better than enjoying our home, relaxing, chatting, watching a Box set and pampering yourself with some top home beauty products!!

Don’t get me wrong we do love socialising however we all seem to rush around at such a high speed nowadays, diaries full of engagements, constantly checking one’s watch to make sure we are on time that occasionally we need to stop completely and do nothing. Is doing nothing such a dirty phrase nowadays? I personally love it but I can see the look on some friends’ faces when I say I have nothing on. I think it is they that are missing out as the word ‘nothing’ fills OH and I with joy. Apparently a recent study by L’Oreal found that 69% of Britons prefer staying in to going out.

We are a time-short generation. So when I do have nothing on I often decide to pamper myself. Nowadays the quality of beauty products that we can use at home are often nearly as good as visiting a salon and are half the price.


Of course there are quite a few at-home gadgets on the market. In particular there are some facial toning devices. Selecting a microcurrent facelift machine for home use isn’t a simple process. There are many products on the market, and the prices and effectiveness of these machines can range wildly.

NuFACE Trinity is currently the best microcurrent facelift machine on the market for home use! Compared to other microcurrent devices for your face, it’s not exactly cheap, and there are optional attachments, such as a targeted microcurrent and a red-light therapy attachment, that will set you back even more. Fortunately, those are additions that you can work toward down the road.

NuFace Trinity microcurrent facelift machine
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It emits extremely low-voltage electrical currents that mirror your body’s own natural currents, stimulating collagen and elastin production and repairing skin. Receiving reams of rave reviews, this innovative tool tones skin to improve your facial contour, giving a visible ‘lift’ while minimising wrinkles and working towards more radiant, youthful skin. In as little as five minutes a day, you’ll reap miraculous rewards…

I haven’t tried it as it is a bit out of my budget however I would be tempted as it probably could work out as a saving over a period of time if you have regular salon facials.


This next product I have tried and so I can definitely say it qualifies as one of my top home beauty products. The British leading hairdresser Michael Van Clarke has created with his hair care line 3MI (“3 More Inches”) exactly what millions of women dream of: hair up to 10 cm longer only through care. Growth stimulating plant extracts and revitalising cashmere proteins act as a protective shell around every single hair, fighting once and for all against annoying split ends and hair breakage. 

Michael van Clarke LifeSaver 3MI pre-wash treatment from post: Top Home Beauty Products
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There is a whole range of 3MI products but I started by trying the Life Saver Pre-Wash Treatment. Apply it to all of your hair 2 – 3 hours before going to bed (lay a towel over your pillow) and in the morning wash and condition your hair as normal. I have only been using it for two weeks so I cannot say if it has grown significantly. However what it has done is made my hair extremely full and bouncy. I am now considering buying the shampoo and conditioner.


CND Vinylux Weekly polish from post: Top Home Beauty Products
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Now if you are looking for a DIY nail fix then look no further than CND’s Vinylux polish. It lasts 7 days and if you are a fan of Shellac then this is a cheap and effective replacement. I would advise you buy the Top Coat as well as that gives the high shine finish.

I am the worst applier of nail varnish but even I found this product easy to use. Also it did last 7 days and I am quite harsh on my nails i.e. I never wash up with rubber gloves so my nail varnish has to work hard.


Grace and I are both big fans of Margaret Dabbs footcare products. Now that the summer is fading and you may not be having such regular pedicures do not forget your feet. They too can become very dehydrated because we are now wearing socks, or tights, and shoes.

Margaret Dabbs Foot Hygiene Cream
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My favourite Margaret Dabbs product is the Foot Hygiene Cream. It was developed to help counteract those all-too-common foot complaints, Foot Hygiene Cream is the perfect lotion for sports enthusiasts and those susceptible to hot, sweaty (and occasionally smelly) feet. It can be used daily for up to two weeks as an intensive treatment, to clear up fungal skin conditions (then used as-needed thereafter, to halt subsequent flare-ups in their tracks). This also works as a wonderful twice-a-week preventative measure, to keep feet enviably smooth, soft and beautiful – especially when used in conjunction with Margaret Dabbs’ Exfoliating Foot Mousse.


Finally if you want a home hair colour product then look no further than Josh Wood Colour System. We have written about this system before (click HERE for the full review) however I feel that, as I no longer highlight my hair in a salon and have gone au naturelle (Silver Blonde) making a saving of over £900 per year, then I can afford to indulge my hair at home.

Josh Wood Colour shade shot gloss from post: Top Home Beauty Products
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I love the Shade Shot Gloss as it gives my hair a bit more depth. It is designed to be used on hair that is coloured as it is a semi-permanent colour treatment.  You apply it like a mask and Shade Shot Gloss then revives your colour, stops fade and creates unbelievable shine. Loaded with quinoa, green walnut, perilla oil and shea butter (plus a handy a UV filter) Shade Shot Gloss intensely nourishes, while delivering one of a kind colour. It costs £15 and lasts 3 treatments on my mid-length hair.


If you are just looking for a once a week deep cleanse for your skin then try this one. It is known as ‘The Hollywood 2-minute facial’, ExfoliKate is Kate Somerville’s bestselling, dual-action exfoliator, which delivers incredible results in as little as one use. This has become one of my top home beauty products since it became available from Cult Beauty.

Kate Somerville ExfoliKate from post: Top Home Beauty Products
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The secret to a glowing, ‘fresh from the skin clinic’ complexion lies in the advanced ingredients used in this formula. Papaya, pineapple and pumpkin enzymes (Kate’s ‘three Ps for perfect skin’) as well as natural alpha hydroxy acid, lactic acid, work to counteract dullness, dryness and uneven skin tone and texture by loosening and sloughing away dead, dulling cells to reveal the beautifully balanced, even radiance beneath – without drying. Alongside this enzymatic exfoliation, gently scrubbing natural ingredients provide physical exfoliation, while soothing aloe vera, antibacterial honey and antioxidant vitamin E soften skin and calm any potential irritation. Finally, rosewood and cinnamon extracts combine to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Massage in for 30 seconds and leave on for up to two minutes and you will get gorgeously glowing in no time.

I cannot resist on Sunday evening running a bath, lighting some candles and applying this treatment. It makes me feel good and my skin loves it too.

So join me in being a JOMO and pamper yourself at home.