Travel Make-up bags for under £10

We all have make-up bags that are perfect for our handbag, that can hold a lipstick, concealer, a perfume and any other little items to touch up your make-up with during the day. However I come unstuck when I go away as naturally you need more from your travel make-up bags.

Cleansers and moisturisers can go in the wash bag but make-up needs a holder or bag that you don’t need to unload as you will be limited by space to where it can be stored. There is never much room around the bathroom washbasin either in an hotel or at a holiday villa and you don’t want to get make-up brushes soaked in water. If you are away for a couple of weeks you will probably have a couple of lip colours, maybe two blushers as you will be using a bronzer by the end of the holiday etc. I always end up taking too much make-up and not using it, but still it has to be packed – sort of like a security blanket for that ‘just in case’ moment.

Travel Make-up bags / Wisespend / CountryWives

This Christmas one of my daughters found me this drawstring travel make-up bag that is so clever. When you pull the drawstrings and then secure the velcro flap it is like a small bag (size will depend on how much you have inside it). However when you arrive wherever you are staying you can undo it and lay it flat so that you can see everything at a glance. It is also washable and it costs £8.65 so is definitely my Wisespend of the week.





Travel Make-up bags / Wisespend / CountryWivesAnother cheap travel make-up bag which is good for bottles is the Mermaid Travel Bag £7.99. This bag is foldable, waterproof and washable. It has mesh pockets and elastic straps so good for keeping bottles in place.










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