Ways in which I have changed the way I live during lockdown

Ways in which I have changed the way I live… I wonder if this will resonate with anyone else. 

On waking I actually mull over which tea I shall have. Good old builders, Earl Grey or, the more exotic and current favourite, Jasmine Green tea buds infused with a slice of ginger!  This pleasantly takes me to the idea of a bath or shower…

Having made these decisions,  I join my husband for breakfast. We are still taking a newspaper, albeit the Racing Post which has been sprayed with a disinfectant and left to dry by the stove. Choosing between cereal, porridge, toast or fruit smoothie then engages the brain once again. 

The burning question of the day is Where Shall We Walk? Well this can really exercise the grey matter – the weather and state of the ground being a major part of the plan to be.

We have two dachshunds which means that from October to March an undercarriage sluice post walk is very necessary. As long as the water is warmish, they don’t seem to mind and the dog dry bags have made their lives immeasurably better. 

The day continues with the mundane chores achieving heights of importance and sadly we have begun to bicker over who did or didn’t empty the vacuum cleaner. The two of us muddle along with the closed study door meaning that Himself has a very important task and only disturb if I have a coffee and two ginger nuts in hand. 

Where does the day go? I found myself actually giving an Amazon review of the delivery of a parcel this afternoon. The level of communication over the delivery of a parcel from many companies has really filled up the Inbox to a ridiculous level – as long as the parcel arrives who cares! 

The online meeting – whether one is playing bridge or chatting to chums or grandchildren – has lost its appeal somewhat I find. Everyone is a bit over it.

Now what to have for supper as I have forgotten, having been so busy, to get anything out of the freezer. Hey ho… it will soon be Spring!

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