Watch Out The Wrist Watch Is Back: Time To Get On Trend

Have you noticed that people are starting to wear a wrist watch again? There was that Apple Watch moment; a bit of a gimmick and quite frankly who could read the small digits and letters? There was also the FitBit that replaced the wrist watch. However with the Fitbit came the compulsion to complete 10,000 steps every day. Fitbitters could be found frantically marching up and down their house at 11.30pm in order to log their 10,000 steps before midnight and thus a new day and challenge dawning.

But sense and style has prevailed and those who follow trends are creeping back and joining the rest of us who love a wrist watch.

A watch is now an item of jewellery, no-one could claim an Apple watch was an attractive addition to one’s wrist. Plus now, with the gathering trend of women wearing a wrist watch that used to be called man-size, it means that I can read the time without my reading glasses!

The wrist watch: Nordgreen - 2 sizes available plus interchangeable leather & mesh straps
NORDGREEN – 2 sizes available plus interchangeable leather and mesh straps
NORDGREEN Infinity Rose Gold & White Leather £154


There is another trend that is being rolled out….owning more than one watch. As you get dressed you choose your watch, much like you choose your earrings, to go with your outfit. However this demands an outlay of money. The good news is that the cost of a good wrist watch has come down in price. For under £160 you can find one that is both stylish and reliably accurate.

The best news is that Nordgreen are offering our readers a 20% discount – use the code COUNTRYWIVES20 at the checkout.

Wrist Watch: NORDGREEN Native Silver/Silver Mesh £149
NORDGREEN Native Silver/Silver Mesh £149


I have written before about Nordgreen watches but in this ‘Best of Scandi’ issue I have to point you towards this Danish brand of fabulously modern and stylish designer watches.

Wrist Watch: Nordgreen from Denmark

To visit the Nordgreen website and view all of their range for both men and women click HERE.

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